A popular look for furniture is wicker style furniture that is commonly used as patio, garden or indoor furniture around the world. Most furniture designed in the wicker style is made of natural wood or fiber pieces that are woven together. A popular type of wicker style furniture is constructed from rattan.

The use of wood fiber materials in creating furniture is a long process that requires skilled craftsmen and as a result, can make the natural fiber chairs and tables more expensive then the man-made material fiber versions. The wood fiber furniture is also more prone to decay and breakage over time than the man-made fiber furniture is.

In the synthetic types of wicker design furnishings commonly used outdoors, materials such as resin, polyethylene, and fiber glass are incorporated into the product. The wicker styles that are not man-made use rattan, cane, and bamboo in the creation of their designs. A large loom is used to interweave the thin reeds of wood fiber together to form the furniture pieces. The end product is then treated to help reduce the wear that can occur over time. Some companies will also include UV and waterproof coatings if their natural wicker product is specifically made to be used outside.

There are many different types Indoor Wicker Furniture of outdoor furniture pieces that utilize the wicker design. You can choose from barrel type design chairs to high back throne style loungers. You can also find many small settees or sofas created using the wicker process in both traditional and contemporary styles. The type of chair or sofa you choose may or may not come with a cushion seat. Wicker is not a comfortable type of material to sit on by itself, so if you choose furniture that does not have seat cushions you may want to consider purchasing some to use with the chairs.

It is also easy to find small and large tables in the wicker furniture line of products, they will often be glass topped. Wicker furniture can often be purchased as an unfinished product or a finished one. You can purchase an unfinished wooden piece and choose to paint or stain it the color you want to have. Traditionally, the finished pieces are found in white, natural look and black, although there have been more garden colors incorporated into the synthetic patio wicker furniture such as green and brown. Wicker is also used as indoor furniture in bedrooms as an accessory chair or in four season rooms as complete sets.

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