The Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) is a pill that is used to prevent pregnancy after intercourse has been completed. These pills are not a replacement of regular contraception such as condoms etc as it does not help in protection from STDs.

People use this pill very often and end up abusing it more and end up with its adverse effects. An ECP delays ovulation, minimising the chances of fertilisation, cytotec precio but also disrupts the regular menstrual cycle. Any interference with a body’s normal process will have its repercussions like heavier bleeding during and between periods, severe cramps, abdominal pains mild to severe, weight gain, depression/ mood swings, increase in blood pressure, and increased risk of ectopic pregnancies.

These-night-after-pills may cause irregular periods, hence are kept reserved for those “emergency” situations only since they have other long-term adverse effects as well. They are made for certain age groups only and if used incorrectly, might become ineffective or may even shut down your reproductive tract completely, hence are never recommended.

Multiple doses of ECP’s if taken during the same cycle, are also shown to be ineffective in preventing ovulation, meaning a woman can get pregnant even after taking these pills.

Be free from stress that you can avoid.

Emergency contraceptive pills are recommended for occasional use only after unprotected intercourse. They are certainly not recommended for regular use as an ongoing contraceptive method because of the higher possibility of failure than oral contraceptive pills. Also, frequent use of these pills can result in more side-effects, like menstrual irregularities as mentioned, although their repeated use poses no known long term health risks.

Emergency contraceptive pills only prevent pregnancy. They are not helpful in terminating pregnancy at all. It is important to avoid giving this to a woman who already has a confirmed pregnancy for any reason. Yet if a woman still takes the pills after she becomes pregnant, however, research suggests that the drugs will not harm either her or her fetus. However, these 2 drugs are not used for termination of pregnancy.

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