Andar Bahar is a card game that is thought to have originated in southern India. The solitaire game is most often played with a standard deck of 52 cards. It can be played with more or fewer than three players. Andar Bahar is a game that primarily involves strategy, but also has a significant element of chance involved in order to make it entertaining for all levels of players. Andar Bahar can be played as a two-player game, and is also possible to play as a four-player game.


In this case, after you learn how to play the basic game, you can instruct other players on how to play one by one. It is a card game based on mental arithmetic. The many calculations that are involved in this card game make it challenging for everyone’s cognitive skill. The main objective of the Andar Bahar gameplay is that the player who calculates and wins becomes the king of the game instead of the dealer or banker.


How does it work?


Before starting the gameplay, first you have to shuffle the deck and give each player his or her hand of cards. The game begins by dealing thirteen cards per player: three face-down and ten face-up. The rest of the deck is placed in a pile away from players. Each player takes turns in a clockwise order. On your turn, you can play any card as long as it belongs to one of three categories: a number card, face cards, or joker. If you have no playable card to put down, pick a card from the pile and place it on the table on its face.


Benefits of using the andar bahar game:


  1. You can win money:


It’s a fact that this game is counted as one of the best card games for earning money. It’s possible to earn money not only by playing the game but also teaching others how to play it. You can open your own gaming centre or you can also join an existing gaming centre. In other words, you can be a part of a group that organises andar bahar tournaments every once in a while where prizes are awarded to the winners of each competition. The tournament organisers collect money from the players before they begin playing and then they award it back to the winning players at the end of each game.


  1. It boosts your memory:


The andar bahar game requires you to remember cards from all over the deck. If you think about it, the game has a lot of similarities with a memory game. When you’re good at remembering cards, it will help you in your daily activities as well, including studying and working. Playing this game can significantly improve your cognitive skills. Even if you’re not playing the long version of Andar Bahar , chances are that your memory will be improved as well if it’s just for a few minutes every day or on weekends.


  1. You can keep your mind sharp:


When you’re playing the andar bahar game, it’s important to remember the cards that you have played and those that are yet to come. The goals of the game are different for each player but, at the very least, you must try to remember as many cards as you can during each hand. Even if your memory isn’t really sharp, you’ll improve it by playing this card game every day.


Final Verdict:


In the end the andar bahar game is a great strategy game that can be played with your friends or family members. For both beginners and advanced players, this card game is a must-have. It’s not only an exciting mental challenge but also an enjoyable entertainment experience.

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