I spend a lot of time online during the day and there are lots of things I notice about the way certain websites are made and developed. The fact is, some of them really provok me and I wonder what these were thinking when they decided to design a web site this way. There are a totally things that web-site designers and developers just plain need to stop doing because it makes the internet a less enjoyable experience. Here are just a few:

All Flash Websites: Okay, I realize that you want to show off your Actionscript skills and how creative you are, but if you develop an entire site in Flash, you should get closed up. First of all, contrary to everyday opinion, no person has Flash installed on their dark web sites computers. If I want to look at your site with my mobile device and all I get is the “you need to install Flash” message, then forget it. If i want information, I need it right away. I don’t aim for to sit through your 10 day to load senior year art project just to read a lousy article. Yes, your website is very lovely, and it’s really cute to see the nice mouse over animation of the butterfly exploding into a rainbow into a unicorn… now can i find out what your drink special offers are already?

Complicated Navigation: This kind of goes along with the item above. Could you people just label your navigation items what they actually are? Enough with the clever metaphors for each item in the navigation. And no, I don’t aim for to play via a half hour game of Space Invaders just so i can locate your contact form. Just spell everything out plain and simple so that people can get to where they need to get to on your page. This also applies to college websites which are one of the worst offenders. Rather than the creative clever and artsy navigation schemes, they just hide nested links within nested links. You can’t really find anything. I don’t want to feel like I’m jumping down a bunny hole just so i can find your Recruiting cell phone number. Stop it.

Long & Drawn out Forms: Why do lots of companies simply INSIST that you fill out a long unnecessary drawn out form simply so that you can contact them? I just want to send which you resume ok. I don’t want to write which you thesis on my well being history and give you the address and profession of my third relative. Some are even worse in making you to manufacture a “profile” with a get access and security password. People, just STOP, okay, just STOP. It is certainly annoying and it turns people off from your website if you’re forced to do things like this. And lots of the things you require to be completed are incredibly embarassing. I’m not giving you my Social Security Number. I don’t know you, you don’t know me. Stop doing this. And if I see the message “sorry, you need to be logged in to do that” for something completely mundane, I’ll reach in through my display screen and strangle you.

The “Are You Sure You want to Leave” Message: You’ve seen this one before. You try to navigate away from a webpage and all of a sudden, “pop”, a warning message appears. “Are you sure you want to navigate away from this site? OK to continue and Cancel to stay on the current page. inch What simpleton thought this became a good idea to put on a website? If I want to leave your website, I’m sure I can make this life changing decision without your intruding popup message trying to change my indecisiveness. And what’s even more annoying is anytime I’m in a hurry, I’ll end up clicking the wrong choice and end up stuck on the page again. Whatever marketing “genius” thought this became a good idea should have his degree burned.

Those Overly Blatant Sales page Sites: Can you people stop making those single page shameless sales page sites that are just full of vague pitchy text that tells me nothing about your service or product? If you want to sell a product, how about you make a nice information rich site that tells me as to what you want to sell. You are not a drug dealer peddling down a dark alley in the projects okay? This is the message you put across when you publish a website like this. There’s no way I will send you $15 through PayPal so i can learn whatever amazing and life changing secret that you’re just dieing to tell me, no matter how many computer animated gifs and “as seen on TV” art logos you plaster on your screen. These sites need to be damaged like a swarm of mosquitoes.

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