If you are taking good care of your household, you have probably already heard a lot about meat grinders – appliances used for cutting and chopping meat. In this article I would like to present you 4 facts about meat grinders, based on research and my personal experience.

1.) Meat grinders are very useful

Unlike many kitchen appliances, grinders can be used for many different things – grinding, chopping, cutting meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. With correct plates and blades, you can use it for sausage filling as well.

2.) They are safe to use

Many people are afraid of grinders because they are scared of pushing meat in the grinder – they believe their hand might get hurt if it enters the grinder. Of course, this can happen – but not if you use grinder correctly. In order to make sure your grinder won’t harm your hand, you need to use pushing plates and everything will be OK.

3.) There are different meat grinders for different needs

We know several kinds of grinders, but basically we divide them into two groups – manual and electric ones. Manual grinders are very affordable (they cost about $30), simple to use and made of quality steel. They are appropriate for people who don’t plan to use grinder very often, because their most obvious disadvantage is that they are manual. In case of grinding larger quantities of meat with manual grinder, you will experience some pain in your hand. The process will also take a lot of time. Not to mention the fact that it is very hard to push meat in the grinder and turn the handle at the same time.

On the other hand, electric grinders are more expensive mixer grinder (their prices start at $150), but they will make grinding task more pleasant, comfortable and faster. You will also be able to grind larger quantities of meat with them.

4.) Meat grinders need maintenance

We all know that we must maintain cars and real estates, but maintaining kitchen appliances is not something we are used to do. But, in my opinion, grinders need some maintenance if you want to make sure they will work well for longer period of time. Two most important aspects of maintaining grinders are keeping blades sharp and washing after you are done using it. If blades aren’t sharp, your grinder won’t work as well as it should – to prevent bluntness, it’s good to use grinder often, because this keeps blades sharp. It is also very important to wash grinder after you are done using it – fat and other leftovers can cause damage to your grinder over time.


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