If you want a Revenue Leap in your business, then you have to keep opening new accounts. In order to open new accounts you need a Lead Generation system that will work for you. The system you need all depends on how quickly you want to grow.

And, are you prepared to make the right investment to ensure your revenue numbers are met?

Did you know that Twitter charges up to $10,000 per day, that’s right, per day, to many of its advertisers? That’s $3,650,000 per year, and that is without any guarantee.

And they have companies lining up to advertise with them.

Now maybe your company is much like my company, and you can’t quite afford that much.

But there are many ways to drive business to your door. Let me tell you about some of the best ways.

There are three main factors to Lead Generation. The first is having a website that attracts leads and captures visitor contact information. The second factor is having the right methodology in place to get and measure the four categories of Lead Generation

The third factor is the many methods you can use to attract leads. See many fo the methods below.

The first thing every company needs is a website that draws leads in, captures contact information, engages the reader, lets him communicate with the company, etc. I have written a white paper about ten factors that make a website a business and lead magnet.

The ten website Factors that will make your business more successful are;

Your Website is Your Best Marketer
Your Visitors Need to See WIIFM – What’s in it for me
Social Proof & Testimonials
Your Potential Clients Search on the First Page of Google
Backlinks Lead to Your Site
Original Content Updated Regularly Keeps them Coming back
Capture Your Visitors Contact Information to Keep in Touch
The second factor, for building your prospect list, is in the five categories of Lead Generation. These are;

Getting leads – many methods
Qualifying leads – The GAIM Plan
Lead scoring – many tools to help you here
Lead/Prospect management – moving from prospect to client
Nurturing leads from suspect to prospect
The third factor is the methods you can use to attract leads and also move those leads through your pipeline. Here are 15 methods you can use.

An engaging websitefood and beverage business directory
Referrals and references
Search Engine Optimization & Marketing – SEOM
Ads – Pay per Click – PPC
Public speaking
Writing articles
White papers, guides, technical papers
Direct Response Marketing – DRM
Public Relations
User group
Trade shows
As you can see, in order to attract the right prospect to your business, there are three main factors involved, as well as many methods you can use to attract the right prospects.

You already know that the B2B sales cycle can be anywhere from 2 months to 2 years. What if you could cut that time in half? Discover how you can do just that and at the same time stop chasing non-productive leads. Get more leads by following my system.

My name is Ian Dainty and I want to help you succeed. Visit my web site at [http://www.b2bbusinesscoach.com/blog] and tell me what you want to know about selling.



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