These courses are basically divided into two parts short term and long term. Youth who are interested in the fashion field can take guide from an education consultant. Such consultants are able to provide better guidelines regarding the subject to choose,Guest Posting the college to choose and career prospects by looking at your interest and qualification. Here are some top level courses in the fashion field advised by top designing colleges like International College of Fashion.

BBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship

It is one of the most popular courses. The course duration is 3 years. It includes Fashion  comprehensive knowledge of the fashion field in order to provide the world with the fashion entrepreneurs who are ready to take risks and take the glamour industry ahead. The course offers high level of understanding of the fashion marketplace in both national and international level. It makes applicants self-skilled by generating quality decision making skills. The focus of the course is to make students eligible for all types of fashion related aspects, therefore, students learn about the latest trends, style, prediction about upcoming trends, knowledge of fabrics etc. Interpersonal skills are also taught that is able them to handle clients well. During the course, students get a golden opportunity of practical training with leading reputed fashion houses, export agencies or fashion retails. It is offered to increase the confidence level and getting students ready for industrial challenges. There are around 8 semesters. The last year of study invites students for working in an independent manner through various industrial projects including managing a business, making future predication, managing fashion events etc… Once the course is over, it is easy to get jobs in fashion houses, fashion retail chains etc.

MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship

If BBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship students want to enhance their knowledge more in the field and to find well respected positions in their career, they can consider MBA in fashion Entrepreneurship. Applicants with simple graduation can also get direct admission to the course. The course involves comprehensive knowledge of fashion entrepreneurship. It inculcates the quality of problem-solving. It helps to analyse and evaluate differences between managing start-ups and large organizations. The program involves deep understanding ofmanaging product development, launching new products, starting a fashion campaign and organizing different types of fashion events etc… Profit and loss ratio, fashion prediction and various other important things are taught in the course that encourages applicants to start their own occupation. It is a 2-year full time and distance program. Education expert suggests to join the full time course.

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