Early records showed archaic entertainment involving the positioning of a cathode ray tube beam with guidance from a piece of transparent plastic overlay. Albeit not the most pleasurable of pastimes, there was all there was in 1947. Four thankful years later, Ralph Baer came up with an inspiration to create a video game for television. Although his employer thought otherwise, he kept the idea on the backburners before re-emerging seven years down the road.

Although Baer was named the man who invented games, many others contributed their efforts around the same time. Across the Atlantic Ocean new invention idea Alexander Douglas transferred the game of tic-tac-toe onto the university computer at Cambridge in 1952. No different from conventional play, access to the game was limited to authorized personnel only.

To jazz up the laboratory, William Higinbotham thought up a method to use scientific equipment for entertainment purposes. The daunting oscilloscope with its green beams of light was turned into a two-dimensional view of a tennis court in 1958. Visitors dropping by his lab were astounded by an invitation to a game of tennis. Ball movement was easily tracked by its bright and lingering path. Two individuals could play at any one time, thus hailing Higinbotham as the forefather who invented video games for interactive play.new invention idea

In the early 60’s, Steve Russell created Spacewar! to be played on computers. In 1967, Baer came back to his original idea of producing a video game. Chase became the first of many a video game for television. In a bid to improve the quality of the graphics, Nolan Bushnell was inspired to create a better version of Russell’s Spacewar! Computer Space made its debut in 1971 as an arcade game, entertaining the crowd whilst making some money. Within a few years, Bushnell started the infamous Atari Computers with his partner, Ted Dabney. There was then no guessing on who invented games for home entertainment.



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