I applied for IELTS for the first time in 2012 and got a very low band score. It was very sad for me but I didn’t give it up. I registered for it for the second time in 2013 and but again managed to get only 4 bands. The result was certainly not convincing. It was not enough for me to get admission into the University of my choice. After getting failed two times, it dawned on me that something was missing. My English was good but still something was not working as required.

What did I do to pass IELTS?

I concentrated more on my English. I knew it but I spent more time on enhancing it. Please, let me make it clear that English is not my native language. It is my second language. For ielts online test.  two months I learned and improved it. After learning and improving new things, I shifted my attention to gaining some extra knowledge on this international test. I searched on the internet and got almost all the details about it. There were many sites that offered free resources.

Preparation is very important.

Anybody who wants to pass in the IELTS exam should pay attention to preparation. Without preparation, nobody can pass it. When i enrolled it for the first time, I thought I could easily pass it as i knew English but that was my mistake. Preparation is of utmost importance even if you know the language. I enrolled for the classes at one of the nearest institutions. The first few days went well. I learned a lot, but slowly I began to lose interest. There were many reasons. The classroom was big with 15-20 candidates. Almost all of the institutions or learning centers take at least 15-20 candidates for a class. The class was big and I was also getting difficulty in learning from the faculty. My doubts doubled and other problems of finding the time and traveling for almost 1-2 hours appeared and made it almost impossible for me to continue.

Online learning

I resorted to online learning and enrolled for IELTS online. Doing so, I enhanced my skills a lot. I got the chance to learn at my own speed. There were no restrictions. There were no problems. I had to just log into my account and get prepared in the most innovative way. The site that i learned from was simply the best. There were a plenty of sample papers. I took tests as and when I got the time and increased my knowledge and understanding of the test. The best thing about my learning online was the support received from the tutor. Whenever there was a problem related to any reading, writing, speaking or listening test, I would email the tutor or chat with her. And not just this, I got tips from the tutor too. Every week, there was something new to learn from the team. Just by preparing online, I managed to get band score 9. Trust me, if i can do it, you also can do it.

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